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  • SAT GURU GORAKH !  or OM NAMA SIBAYA’ is our way of greetings! We will treat you as a Yogi / traveler not a guest.
  • Tushitanepal is a NPO for self-realization and spiritual awakening.
  • It is a Spiritual home to understand life and the world. One must not seek for facilities; complaining is not entertained.
  • Self service, Shoes off, Switch off your mobile and speak little only when necessary.
  • Traveler must follow the five code of ethics ‘Pancha-Sila’
  • Nine rooms named after the name of nine planets with cosmic energy drawn. Architecture has been thought according to Vastu shastra (Fusui) and for natural, cultural and spiritual aspects.
  • We have planted 15 different types of fruit and more than 64 herbal plants and many natural herbs are preserved.
  • Meditation starts from 6 am every day at meditation hall. We shall give you guidelines of HATHA YOGA taught by Guru Gorakshnath, the father of Yoga & Meditation. Remember ! Hatha Yoga has no history at all – it is coeval to universe like the Vedas.
  • Vegetarian meals are served. Self service Please ! We have named “ Prasad” for breakfast and ”Gorakh-arpan” for lunch and dinner respectively.  Please ! do not waste food. Food is God; Food is life. Remember, we waste food worth Rs.12,000,000,000  (12 billion) every year in Nepal. May you join hands in Sora Shrestha’s campaign “LETS NOT WASTE FOOD”.
  • Veda Vyasa is the compiler of four Vedas; father of all the literature, religious texts and scientific discoveries. We pay homage in his statue.
  • We will love to work together for peace and prosperity of whole mankind.
  • Creation for awakenings: These are our own products in order to support our projects; 4 books, 2 Music CD, Lip cream, Gemstones, Herbal medicine, Uchiwa, Seeds for change etc.
  • This is not a place if you do not like tranquility, mountain views, homely atmosphere (natures creation- bees, birds, butterflies), and if very strict in your own religion.
  • WE DO NOT CHANGE ANYBODY’S RELIGIOUS BELIEF  but surely we take you in the Nimbus Hallow beyond Buddha, Krishna, Jesus or Mohammad. We focus on purifying (body-mind- soul) your ‘self’ for the attainment of Peace in life. Definitely, we provide you the proper address of the Almighty Creator and a bottom to click [send your words of lovingness]

We teach authentic yoga-meditation as taught by Almighty Guru Gorakshanath (Bhakti Yoga, Gyana Yoga, Raja Yoga, Karma Yoga and obviously Hatha yoga the father of all the yoga types.

But once you understand “What does Vedic Sanatan Dharma mean” –  understanding the truth from the book of knowledge, you shall know who you are & the purpose of life and start living a peaceful life because it gives you a key for peace.                                             C. Entrance to Tushita

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