For Beginners

Most welcome to TUSHITA NEPAL, your spiritual home for self -realization. I appreciate your choice to practice yoga and meditation in the pious land from where Yoga and Tantra was started. Tushita-Nepal is an ideal retreat resort in Pokhara, Nepal for self – realization. It has 9 rooms named after the nine planets. Fewa lake, Annapurna range and 3 mountains above 8000m seen from here, World Peace Stupa just nearby. Far from the madding crowd.  Architecture according to Vastu Shastra (Fengsui). Herbal garden – Ayurvedic food. Library, Music, Yoga and meditation room, Astrology Outlook, nature therapy and spiritual healing. Self service Please !

It is meant for those who are in pursuit of peace and happiness; Yoga and Meditation for the noble cause…

H. View from yoga ground

DURATION: 7 Night 8 Days  PACKAGE COST:  Euro 555

Cost Includes: Pick up service from Pokhara airport or tourist bus-park, Yoga- Meditation class, Nature Therapy, Basic Ayurvedic course, Cocoon warmth accommodation 7 nights, 3 Ayurvedic meals a day (herb detox drink, seasonal fruits, organic tea/ coffee), hiking, taxes, gifts.

Cost Excludes: Ayurvedic Massage & hot bath Euro 20, Astrology outlook Euro 30, spiritual healing Euro 50. .

NOTE: migraine, constipation and sinus problem are cured through Ayurvedic treatment and it is free of cost.

WHERE ARE WE? Situated in Pokhara valley, Tushita Nepal is 200 km west from the capital city Kathmandu. May you come by tourist coach (USD 15) or by an aero- plane USD 120). We can send you e-ticket if you need. And, we are just near by the World Peace Stupa (Pokhara) Everybody know.

Meditation in Rara

TUSHITA NEPAL?  Rather for stretching legs and closing eyes- Tushita-Nepal is an ideal place for receiving spiritual energy and exploring yourself; to detoxify, release, refresh and pave a way for a meaningful life. Tushita-Nepal is (a) to know yourself (b) to connect with your father (c) to keep balance in life (d) to find the key of happiness and peace. May you learn Hatha yoga taught by Guru Gorakshanath in the very beginning of human civilization in order to live a well-disciplined life and to be connected with the Almighty. Long later, Hindus of India learned Nepal’s Vedic culture. Come and discover the facts and get many unanswered philosophical quests.

MOUNTAIN VIEWS : Not to blow own trumpet, the place has magnificent views 360 degree views of Himalayas, lake, river, forest, Pokhara valley, agricultural terraces, typical village, World Peace Stupa is just nearby (attached picture seen from our garden). In short, we are amidst the nature and far from the madding crowd. You see 3 mountains above 8000m. just in front –  awesome ! It shall be your life-time memory…. Please Watch Himalaya View from Tushita- Nepal    



06 am:  Wake up detoxify with herbal drink, light jogging, refresh

6 : 30 :  Pooja and yoga class

08 am:  Gorakharpan (breakfast)

01 pm:  Bhojan (Lunch)

06 pm:  Pooja and meditation class

7 : 30 :  Bhojan (light Dinner)

10 pm:  Switch-off lights

Note: Other time is meant for hikes, rest, read spiritual pages and question yourself. May you purify your self -open your chakras- receive immense spiritual vibration.  Rather stretching legs and closing eyes, you are meant to be here for special purpose; retrieve lost ways and live a blissful life.

F. Meditation hall


  • Worshipping- Devotion to the Almighty Creator
  • Origin, Meaning, Importance and limbs of yoga.
  • Asanas (Sitting Posture) and Pranayamas (Breathing Techniques)
  • Meditation tips to control our mind
  • Chakra Locking and Openings
  • What is spirituality and how to purify body-mind & soul?
  • Uttering Gayatri Mantra – Satsang (Music and Bhajanss)
  • How the world is operated? And our human body operated?
  • What does Vedic Sanatan Dharma mean?
  • How to see our own body lights AURA and feel energy circles?
  • The law of nature and The law of Karma. Why not to rotate temples clock-wise?
  • Why are we unhappy? What is the purpose of our life?
  • Nature Therapy and Basic Ayurveda course (Treatment of Sinus and constipation)
  • Nature Therapy and why is Vashtu Shastra (Fengsui) important in our life?
  • Wearing world’s ancient dress (Topi-Daura-Suruwal for male & Sadi Cholo for female)
  • Receiving the world’s ancient calendar (at least 10600 yrs old) as a gift
  • Laugh like a fool, dance and rejoice. THREE GREAT REALIZATION !
  • Nature Therapy and Basic Ayurveda course (Treatment of Sinus and constipation)